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BoostSMT tools and software products

Our range of tools and software products has been designed to improve the SMT manufacturing process – use them in isolation, or combine them for maximum productivity.  

BoostSMT Analytics

Analytics is a fully self-contained data collection system. It is designed so that different machine types and brands can have their performance data recorded and displayed in a common form.

Data is collected and converted to the SMX / XML / Binary database.
Charts can be displayed using a range of standard metrics across any number of lines with any date range.

Data can be drilled down to the lowest level reported by the equipment it is connected to.


  • Identify where money is being wasted
  • Identify how much money is being thrown away
  • Understand the real component usage
  • Understand which parts are causing the most problems
  • Identify if target is being met
  • Identify when jobs will be finished
  • Identify machine errors
  • Be aware if something is likely to fail
  • Know the yield from the assembly process
  • Know which parts are having assembly quality issues and why
Visual of BoostSMT Analytics showing all products

BoostSMT Dashboard

Dashboard is a programmable real-time performance monitoring system that displays charts, gauges and pictures about what is happening in real time. It is designed to view KPI’s on one combined web browser interface.

The system is designed to work with any machine that can produce performance and status data, these include SMT, AOI, SPI, Stencil Printers and Reflow ovens.


  • Arrange data the way you want to view it in real time.
  • View multiple or single locations.
  • View on any device that supports a web browser – PC, smart TV or on mobile.
Visual of BoostSMT Dashboard showing all products

BoostSMT Line Control

Short cut the design to manufacturing process. This is a program that takes the data from a design file and converts it into a central format across an SMT line that is made up of different machine brands.

Features include:

  • Overlays that allow you to see the information being received are correct.
  • Feeder reports, so you know where to put feeders.
  • The line balancer takes a CAD file and splits it up, allocates it to the relevant machines and outputs the data into machine-specific file formats..


  • Works across all SMT machine brands.
  • Gets a new program into an SMT machine reliably and in a timely manner.
  • Once Line Control is in the machine and the data is used enough, it is 100% reliable.
  • Eliminates the need for a debug cycle and reduces the time from implementing a program from around three days to approximately three hours.
Visual of Line Control

BoostSMT smInventory

When components are booked on the factory floor, tracking of locations and use of individual parts is normally lost. smInventory takes control where the ERP system leaves off. It uses unique parts identity to keep track of individual stock items.


  • Easily find parts wherever they are stored.
  • Manufacturer / Supplier part numbers can be saved into a library to eliminate errors.
  • The locations of individual reels can be generated from a BOM or SMT Placement file.
  • Back flush ERP when there are stock discrepancies found at reel exhaust or stock count.
  • Data can be entered using a bar code scanner.
  • smInventory uses MySQL database to store data.
  • There are no database licensing costs associated with this product. MS SQL can still be used if it is a requirement.
  • SMT machines can feed into smInventory to adjust the stock levels for the parts being used.
Visual of SM Inventory

BoostSMT smManage

The smManage software is a moisture-sensitive control system. Its primary purpose is to make sure expired parts or materials are not used in the manufacturing process. For MSD’s this system keeps track of each individual tray or reel from the time it’s scanned into a control area from dry bag, through placement and final reflow. For solder paste and adhesive, the shelf life is monitored and recorded as the material is used.

The software uses a virtual sticker system for all sensitive materials that are recorded. Users can access the real-time status, physical location, and remaining floor life of all sensitive materials on the assembly line, in the dry cabinet, and in control cabinets.


  • Stops expired stock being accidentally used
  • Prevents potential field failures
  • Minimizes baking cycles
  • Records batch dates for traceability
  • Warns when items are out of time
  • Eliminates human errors
Visual of SM Manage

BoostSMT smInspect

This tool automates the data collection of a manual inspection system. A picture of the inspection PCB is drawn, allowing the user to select an inspection fault and repair action for each Reference on the PCB.All data collected is saved to an XML database system for future reference.


  • The smInspect tool allows an inspector to easily record faults and repairs – as they go.
Visual of SM Inspect

BoostSMT CAD Importer

Many machine manufacturers don’t offer CAD import functions. This simple tool enables the importation of design files across a variety of SMT machines.


  • The CAD Importer makes sure drawings are compatible with the respective machine and that there are no anomalies.
Visual of SM Importer